License, Contract and Inventory Management

Real Estate Inventory Management

Service providers in the technical and commercial real estate industry are certainly in high demand, and as a result, many of them have developed extremely complex and confusing service packages. Real estate maintenance costs are high as it is, and service packages don’t always go hand-in-hand with quality or good performance. MMG Europe has years of experience negotiating and managing relationships with service providers in this industry.


When optimizing packages for service providers and craftspeople, companies have the following factors to consider:

  • Regional service packages can be either beneficial or counterproductive, depending on the level of sub-contracting required
  • Prices and specifications pertaining to individual services vary wildly, depending on the volume of services required and the scope of the contingency buffer applied by the supplier
  • Extensive knowledge of the company’s genuine requirements, provider strengths and strategies and traditional supplier calculation techniques can place your company in an optimal position to bid successfully
  • Due to its incredibly complex nature, facility management purchasing is now a specialized area within purchasing field

MMG Europe is familiar with the intricacies of supplier negotiation and understands the techniques and calculations they employ. We can help your business optimize its real estate inventory and service management processes by recommending suitable suppliers and advising you on well-crafted service packages.  We use industry-standard RFI query tools for inventory data acquisition and contract evaluation. Once suppliers and packages have been identified, we assist you with the drafting of new documentation. You’ll have control over the performance and quality of all purchased services through efficient controlling systems that are managed either externally or through your facility management department.


Contract Administration

Contract administration is more than just successful closure. It’s maintaining a good overview of the contract landscape within a company and ensuring that contractual conditions are upheld across the organization. Before a large-scale project commences, for example, a thorough analysis of ongoing and past contracts across the company is vital for the effective optimization of cost structures and conditions. A central system that possesses the right tools to access such information quickly is invaluable.

When developing a sound contract administration process, companies frequently encounter the following obstacles:

  • The organization’s contract landscape is not clearly mapped
  • Purchasing and supplier relationship management roles are not allocated clearly
  • The purchasing department was not involved in the conclusion of certain contracts
  • An obsolete contract that wasn’t terminated promptly renews automatically
  • A contract is not extended in a timely manner, resulting in service interruptions and additional expenses
  • A contract conclusion or extension is performed under time pressure, weakening the company’s negotiation position

MMG Europe supports your organization when implementing a contract administration system by:

  • Giving you a solid overview of your contract landscape, one that can be administrated centrally
  • Allocating supplier management roles within the purchasing department or in other departments
  • Introducing efficient administrative tools, interfaces and processes, such as an automatic reminder process for termination/renewal deadlines
  • Preparing you for the negotiation of new contracts or extensions

License Management Consulting

Mapping your IT landscape is a complex and far-reaching task, particularly within large-scale organizations. The scope of managing licenses, compliance, inventory and usage can expand rapidly beyond a company’s control. At this point, seeking expert advice on developing an efficient and transparent license management system is worthwhile.

Here are some common concerns seen in this field of expertise:

  • A complex web of license models causes confusion and ambiguity
  • Many companies find themselves over-licensed in the process
  • Complicated contract conditions lead to discrepancies, incorrect usage and unexpected additional expenses
  • Software developers update license models and conditions so frequently that even the most dedicated management team has difficulty keeping abreast of the changes in this field.

MMG Europe offers the following consulting services to optimize your processes and provide you with a good overview of your IT landscape:

  • Classification and consolidation of license conditions
  • Technical license optimization: keep only what is necessary
  • Optimization of license inventory programs
  • Recommendations for software usage measurement and reporting measures
  • Software compliance consulting



Software licensing has become a minefield as manufacturers conduct license audits that seem designed exclusively to generate revenue. These processes almost always result in confusion, unease and significant additional expenses. Even if there are ambiguities in the results of an audit, companies are often threatened by the risk to their reputation that comes from being seen to be non-compliant. They tend to accept the validity of the audit at face value and react promptly to avoid unpleasant consequences.

It certainly would help to be prepared with strategy and supporting documentation before an audit is announced, but this process is time-consuming and many companies simply can’t spare the internal resources to do so. If you’ve received a notice, it won’t be too late to consult with MMG Europe. Our aim is to reduce the negative financial impact on your organization and maintain the supplier relationship.

We do this by:

  • Preparing your company in advance for the possibility of a future license audit
  • Developing a comprehensive license inventory, including balance sheets, usage reporting and continuous supporting documentation.
  • Following up once an audit is complete: validating results, recommending changes and cross-checking compliance

Supplier Relationship Management

Large companies sometimes deal with hundreds, if not thousands of suppliers. Managing these relationships and the purchase and performance data is complex and often requires a central control process to maximize efficiency while controlling costs.

When designing and implementing a supplier relationship management process, companies may pose the following questions:

  • How is our purchasing department organizing information? By product group exclusively?
  • Is the infrastructure efficient and is it controlled centrally?
  • Are our top suppliers providing services to, and therefore billing multiple departments within the company?
  • If suppliers are working with multiple departments within our company, do their accounting departments gain access to internal information that gives them leverage for negotiation?
  • How do we evaluate supplier performance?

MMG Europe can aid your company with supplier management optimization by:

  • Developing a strategy for centrally-controlled supplier relationship management
  • Incorporating multi-supplier strategy
  • Analyzing contract conditions and optimizing your usage of the services provided
  • Implementing a process for supplier performance evaluation

Improving the strength of your negotiating position


MMG Europe stands apart from its competitors thanks to its unique approach to
consulting and its consistent delivery of good results. Our ability to co-operate and
consolidate allows us to focus on what really matters: delivering success. We
encourage creativity just as much as traditional industry applications and structures.


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