Management Consulting

Strategy, structure, operations and management: when companies need sound advice to optimize these processes, it certainly doesn’t come cheaply. The run-on effects of management consulting can be hard to quantify, and often, it depends on how much of the knowledge gained is then transferred successfully. When sourcing management consulting, a company might pose the following questions:

  • How will management consulting contribute value to the firm or transaction?
  • Will we see a strong return on investment?
  • How do we assess the complexity of a deal using analytical tools?
  • How do we select a suitable service provider?
  • How can we control costs?
  • Are the conditions of the contract suitable and competitive?
  • Do we have the capacity to take over what we’ve gained to our internal staff?
  • Can we monitor and assess our progress once we implement changes?

MMG Europe has several systems and processes in place to make the awarding of management consulting contracts clearer and more effective. Our structures ensure that you achieve a desirable balance between cost-effectiveness and qualitative results. We collaborate with you to define prioritization rules for large-scale consulting demands. We’ve developed selection processes based on portfolios for quick and uncomplicated access to specialized service providers. Framework agreements are devised with detailed skill matrices that take standard market conditions into account. Once management consulting is underway and changes are implemented, we monitor the results in fine detail.


Legal Services

Finding a legal consulting solution is a careful balance between cost optimization and risk mitigation, often hindered by rising costs and increasing complexity. It can be difficult to enforce monetary limits on legal services or negotiate more attractive rates. Additionally, determining what is absolutely necessary or obligatory and what is desirable during transactions is challenging. Larger legal firms don’t always provide clear and consistent service transparency, whereas smaller firms may lack specific expertise or flexibility in their service offerings.

MMG Europe support you during the legal due diligence and begins the process of legal service optimization by assessing risks and requirements in collaboration with board executives and departmental leaders. We recognize and classify risks and develop an approval process chain so that these processes are already in place, should a legal complication arise. We assess and compare data room providers and make recommendations with a view to profit from specialized knowledge while reducing costs overall

When addressing cost and process optimization in this highly specialized field, the calculations and processes used by suppliers on the market must be assessed and monitored. This is not always easy information to obtain: the applicable source data, service structures and contractual landscapes can be ambiguous and perplexing.

Although billions of Euros are pumped into this field, cost and process optimization remains relatively unexplored. MMG Europe supports facility management cost and process optimization in the following categories:

  • Fleet management and leasing
  • Technical building management
  • Building and green space maintenance
  • Street cleaning
  • Winter service
  • Catering
  • Energy supplies

When assessing a company’s facility management requirements, MMG Europe analyzes inventory data acquisition and any current contracts. We then create concepts, service agreements, tender documents and maintenance plans, using service specifications and EPA recommendations.

MMG Europe assesses information about branch office quality, current projects, human resources and mechanical resources available when selecting suitable service providers. Once contracts are in place, we develop and implement effective systems for monitoring progress. Our facility management consulting results in legally secure agreements that produce substantial savings.



Creative processes and economic optimization doesn’t always go hand in hand, but there is plenty of untapped potential for the optimization of marketing processes aiming in increasing NOI and occupancy rate as such. The marketing department covers all manner of sub-specialties: Potential Tenant negotiation, large-scale campaign creation and digital media, just to name a few.

Price analysis and service specification can be a complex task, thanks to the large number of skills and skill levels available. MMG Europe can assist with providing value add identifying marketing service sub-specialties and product categories. We devise skill matrices that define and clarify skill levels and industry standards. As a result, you gain price and skill transparency across your portfolio, reduce your expenses and can track performance.

Cost-optimized Software Solutions

When cost-optimizing software solutions, there are many contemporary demands to consider that affect licensing requirements and overall expenses. These include

  • Outsourcing capabilities
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud functionality
  • Home office and BYO device functionality

Large software companies continue to hold monopolies and have made contract conditions and system considerations obscure and complicated as a result. Providers thrive on updating their regulatory conditions frequently, and often present such updates as cost-effective, though they’re perceived by many as perplexing. Expert consulting by MMG Europe will ensure that you maintain a clear overview of your requirements, license models and contract conditions so that you can optimize your costs appropriately.


Identifying the necessary software servicing solutions and business licenses is harder than it looks: little information about actual requirements and industry-standard pricing is made available to consumers. Selecting a license model that isn’t suitable can lead to over-licensing, increased costs and compliance issues in the future. MMG Europe will determine which license model is appropriate. We identify the necessary contract conditions and determine your true software maintenance requirements. Anything deemed surplus to your needs can be discarded. Once you know exactly what is necessary, we evaluate the pricing and compare it with market standards, putting you in a strong position to negotiate for a better deal.


IT Consulting

Information technology solutions are intricate and often require external expertise to implement and maintain. Company profiles and demand structures are infinite, and service providers possess hugely varied portfolio of skills. Companies often encounter barriers when attempting to purchase IT services from external sources:

  • Obscure contract conditions provided by external sources with unclear fields of expertise, leading to conflict.
  • Lack of appropriate knowledge by an external service provider during the rollout of a project
  • Lack of detailed information about a company’s internal resources
  • Ambiguity in itemized product pricing

MMG Europe will firstly examine client demand for IT services and align them with available internal resources wherever possible. We implement systems for provider profiling and order control in collaboration with IT industry experts. We categorize cost transparency information by specialization, supplier, consumer and product groups. Framework agreements will be benchmarked against market standards to ensure that they are clear, detailed and competitive.

Telecommunications Solutions

The fast and reliable exchange of information between parties is essential to operational success, be it online, on mobile devices, face to face, over the phone or by written correspondence. In this new millennium, the complex nature of telecommunications has increased exponentially, and costs have soared.

When negotiating telecommunications contracts, there are three essential elements to consider: cost, security and process optimization. Reliable tariff and consumption analysis may be hindered by data volumes or privacy considerations. Additionally, tariff models target end users and often neglect the needs of large corporations. A threat of supplier migration is sometimes met with departmental resistance due to the complexity and effort required.


MMG Europe offers the following telecommunications solutions:

  • Price level analysis
  • Identification of current and future demands
  • Consumption analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost optimization
  • Contract condition negotiation (including order and billing process optimization)
  • Support during migration and implementation


Corporate Travel Management

Even in an increasingly digital business world, nothing is quite as effective as meeting clients and partners face to face. Implementing travel cost controls and environmental policies has become the norm for managing travel in large corporations, and there are several factors to consider in the process. MMG Europe supports your organization by:

  • Identifying travel objectives
  • Assessing and adjusting demand for travel where appropriate
  • Creating and optimizing corporate travel policies
  • Simulating typical scenarios to anticipate any policy circumventions or compliance issues
  • Developing detailed and comprehensive cost comparisons, taking distances, environmental aspects, and direct/indirect expenses into consideration

Developing strategy to negotiate with travel service providers


MMG Europe stands apart from its competitors thanks to its unique approach to
consulting and its consistent delivery of good results. Our ability to co-operate and
consolidate allows us to focus on what really matters: delivering success. We
encourage creativity just as much as traditional industry applications and structures.


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