Construction Services Support

A reliable service partner, high-quality performance and well-optimized operational and service costs make a construction project run smoothly.  MMG supports your organization throughout all stages of a construction project: during the planning, renovation and on-going maintenance phases. We oversee your space management, work processes, service costs and technical planning and provide skilled trades people to carry out renovations and certified technical maintenance work as required.




When planning renovation work on your residential or commercial property, the emphasis is on quality and durability. MMG deploys highly-qualified and skilled trades’ people to carry out the work necessary. You can expect quality performance, prompt delivery and uncomplicated customer service. MMG covers all aspects of residential and commercial property renovation, including

  • Floors
  • Dry wall construction and insulation
  • Electrical work
  • Heating and cooling
  • Sanitation and plumbing
  • Waste removal
  • Interior and exterior painting

Use our renovation services in tandem with professional letting: should a tenant require renovation or the re-planning of an existing commercial space before signing a new lease agreement, MMG will send qualified personnel to carry out the work necessary to close the deal.

Certified Technical Maintenance

As the name suggests, technical maintenance of complex fittings in commercial and residential properties requires a highly-specific skill set, the right certification to perform the work, and exceptional organizational capabilities. The technicians at MMG possess the necessary skills, certifications qualifications to perform all technical work, thus negating the need for costly outsourcing to external contractors. In the case of service disruptions, we react quickly, without delay. We are also qualified and certified to perform all manner of maintenance, repair, inspection and upkeep of elevators, escalators, and heating and cooling systems of all sizes, in accordance with German laws and certification standards and regardless of the manufacturer.


We are well-versed in DIN standards and ensure 100% compliance and reliable performance quality. Planning and maintenance processes are carried out with modern and compliant software systems. Our technical support and maintenance services are available to you 24/7, including all weekends and public holidays. At every turn, we keep an eye on the cost-efficiency of your operational processes, suggesting adjustments that will save your organization time and money. We also liaise with maintenance companies on your behalf, securing expertly-negotiated contracts that contain optimal prices and conditions for your organization.


System Operation

Our highly skilled engineers and maintenance staff offer operational support 24/7 for all manner of technical systems on commercial and residential sites, among them

  • electrical fittings
  • transportation setups
  • heating and cooling units
  • control systems in buildings
  • sterilization systems

We perform all work using our own qualified personnel so that you don’t have to outsource external contractors, thus saving you time and money. In doing so, we ensure compliance according to any relevant DIN, or GEFMA regulations and provide our staff with ongoing training. You can therefore rest assured that your organization remains up-to-date with industry regulations and developments in the field.  All work processes are controlled with modern and compliant software systems that provide detailed reporting.

Cooling Systems

Large-scale refrigeration and air-conditioning units require meticulous maintenance to ensure smooth operations. Our highly-skilled and qualified staff provide high-quality and neutral maintenance and support services for your refrigeration and air-conditioning units. MMG can facilitate

  • Planning and development of new systems
  • Delivery, assembly, dismantling and disposal
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

Our consulting services ensure that your company remains informed on matters such as operational responsibility, efficient storage solutions, transport, food and beverage presentation, sustainability, compliance and compatibility.


We recommend up-to-date, sustainable, cost-effective and energy-efficient system components and work practices. In the event of a system malfunction, you have quick and uncomplicated access to reparation and maintenance services.


Energy Saving Solutions

Energy management is a fine balance of organizational and technical processes. When optimizing your company’s energy production and consumption, we take all your industrial installations into consideration, including

  • Sanitary systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Transportation
  • Electrical systems
  • Automated control systems in facilities

After performing an analysis of your current operational processes, we identify the potential for energy savings, benchmark where necessary, and make recommendations that suit your company’s operational requirements. These may include the installation of more modern, efficient systems or simply an optimization of processes. Naturally, we consider DIN and ISO compliance at all times and provide detailed consumption and cost data. MMG negotiates with suppliers on your behalf to reach the best possible agreement. Once changes have been implemented, we monitor and adjust them using state-of-the-art software systems.

Technical Consulting

When planning and developing new technical systems or maintaining existing ones, companies require solid system-specific advice and support. MMG provides a comprehensive consultancy package for technical systems that covers operational conceptualization, analysis of existing systems, investment support and benchmarking. We liaise with maintenance suppliers and manufacturers on your behalf to ensure your organization reaps the rewards of a well-negotiated contract. Seek our consulting services in tandem with our system operations support to maximize synergies, coordinate complex work processes, plan and develop new systems efficiently and investigate investment opportunities.



MMG Europe stands apart from its competitors thanks to its unique approach to
consulting and its consistent delivery of good results. Our ability to co-operate and
consolidate allows us to focus on what really matters: delivering success. We
encourage creativity just as much as traditional industry applications and structures.


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