Asset Management

MMG Europe has already proven itself a market leader in the commercial, center and residential property management sectors, recognized for quality performance, outstanding consulting and administration services and excellent customer relations. Our comprehensive property management solutions include

  • Building maintenance
  • Administration
  • Letting
  • Legal services
  • Planning and investment consulting
  • Floor space management
  • Rent and service charge supervision
  • Call center operation and debt collection
  • Process optimization


Commercial Property Management

Factories, plants, office buildings, facilities and other commercial premises can only be managed effectively by implementing highly-specialized services and applying sound organizational skills. MMG offers property owners a wide range of customizable management services, including

  • Letting
  • Retail space management
  • Rent supervision
  • Service charge optimization
  • Financial reporting and data control measures
  • Planning and investment consulting
  • Commercial portfolio management
  • Call center operation and debt collection

Center Management

Large retail spaces such as malls and shopping centers require complex management and sound technical knowledge to ensure process optimization, cost-efficiency and smooth daily operations. MMG brings decades of skill and experience to the following areas of center management:

  • Technical management
  • Building maintenance
  • Floor space management and optimization
  • Letting
  • On-site tenant services
  • Legal support

MMG has the skilled personnel and experience with large-scale administrative processes that you need to ensure your center is in capable hands.



Residential Property Management

When working with MMG, residential property owners have come to expect thorough and knowledgeable advice, outstanding administration and high performance in all areas of building maintenance. Whether you own one property or a complex residential portfolio, MMG would be happy to create a tailored management concept for you, including some or all of the following:

  • Letting
  • Account supervision
  • Property maintenance
  • Legal support
  • Investment consulting
  • Call center operation and debt collection

All management services performed by MMG adhere to and in many cases exceed the quality guidelines set out in the Residential Property Act.


In collaboration with highly skilled market leaders in the property insurance industry, MMG recommends comprehensive insurance protection plans for highly complex real estate portfolios, with a goal to mitigate risk and increase profit. In addition to the traditional property and liability insurances, MMG can also create specialized insurance solutions for unusual environments with specific conditions and requirements.



Professional Letting

Whether you are responsible for a single residential property, a complex residential portfolio, several high-profile shopping centers or a series of commercial offices, MMG would be happy to take the administrative pressures and financial complexity of letting off your hands. With a strong focus on profitability, we identify prospective tenants, vet them thoroughly, carry out credit checks in co-operation with SCHUFA and negotiate the best possible conditions for your commercial or residential leases.

When new lease agreements stipulate maintenance work or renovation in accordance with tenant wishes, MMG can act as a one-stop-shop, executing any work that needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Taking advantage of our letting services in tandem with our professional building maintenance services reduces vacancies and increases ROI within your commercial and/or residential property portfolio.

Marketing Services

The marketing department at MMG covers all manner of marketing sub-specialties within the real estate industry, such as content marketing, digital media, social media management, promotional photography and videos, reputation management and lead generation.

MMG can assist with identifying the marketing services you need to promote your real estate portfolio and suggesting tools and measures to improve your brand awareness. We recommend, benchmark and implement targeted marketing services, keeping you up-to-date with reporting measures during every step of the process. Present your commercial or residential real estate portfolio in the best possible light across all media while retaining your overview and keeping costs transparent.



Service Cost Optimization and Benchmarking

Facilities, offices and retail spaces require a large volume of multiple specialized services to operate uninterrupted. As a result, service and maintenance costs can become complex quickly, requiring a high level of skill to administrate, allocate and monitor.

Finding suitable service pricing on such a complex scale is crucial for ongoing profitability, but can be difficult to determine without specialized knowledge. The team at MMG:

  • Analyze your operational costs in detail
  • Identify hidden cost-drivers
  • Benchmark and provide cost-saving recommendations
  • Implement and improve your current processes

Many complex work methods can be simplified with assistance from MMG, while keeping safety and compliance concerns at the forefront throughout the process. You’ll have access to detailed reporting so that you can monitor and adjust the positive changes to your costs and level of efficiency.

Debt Collection

Property management teams can recover significant amounts of money from troubled accounts with clear and thorough debt collection procedures that are implemented in a timely manner. MMG can help your organization

  • Define and implement credit review procedures prior to closing a lease agreement
  • Identify troubled accounts
  • Introduce structured debt collection procedures and timelines
  • Contact debtors on your organization’s behalf, assisted by legal services where necessary
  • Integrate reporting measures
  • Train your sales and accounting staff


Call Center Operations

MMG operates a call center as part of its property management service package that is manned 24/7, even on weekends and public holidays. Our skilled and capable personnel handle incoming and outgoing calls, process tenant complaints, co-ordinate repairs and maintenance work and process other requests. We process tickets within 48 hours and offer repair and maintenance work within two weeks of the initial point of contact. Additionally, MMG provides detailed reporting to clients on a weekly or monthly basis. Our modern and convenient ticketing system gives your organization instant online access to information regarding the status of your tickets from the first contact through to completion. Detailed reporting provides you with complete transparency and is particularly useful for identifying recurring issues and improving customer relations, even for complex organizations with high call volumes.

Process Optimization

The value of a property is influenced significantly by its management and maintenance, and professional management is a must for forward-thinking owners and occupiers. At MMG, we have one goal: to preserve and improve the long-term value of a facility through efficient management of highly-complex processes.

When assessing a company’s facility management requirements, MMG analyzes up-to-date information regarding all facilities within the commercial real estate portfolio and all technical equipment and human resources at your disposal. We analyze existing contracts with service providers as well as maintenance. We examine your work processes closely and identify the potential for simplifications, synergies and significant improvements. We then redevelop concepts and plans, benchmark, negotiate new service agreements, and provide detailed reporting mechanisms.



MMG Europe stands apart from its competitors thanks to its unique approach to
consulting and its consistent delivery of good results. Our ability to co-operate and
consolidate allows us to focus on what really matters: delivering success. We
encourage creativity just as much as traditional industry applications and structures.


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